About Us

Who we are:

We are a group of concerned citizens, just like you, who are attempting to assist the government in making better decisions on lighting to Protect our Dark Sky.

Why we do it:

The Dark Sky is crucial for every part of nature. Natural rhythm patterns are required for every form of life, and disruption to those rhythms throws every part of the natural world into chaos.

Artificial lighting has huge impacts on how plants grow, how insects travel, how birds and bats follow the insects, how migrations lanes for mammals work,  how depredation happens and even how pest animals move into city environments.

It also has an impact on the people exposed to the light in how they function and rest and how brain chemistry is impacted.

Sign The Petition

We would like your assistance in Protecting The Dark Sky, the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory and the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area by adding your voice to the Protect the Dark Sky Petition  asking the governing bodies to rethink the deployment of the lighting systems suggested on the Calgary Southwest Ring Road and ensuring that the lighting used complies with the Night Sky Protocols observed in jurisdictions such as the European Union, those established by the Illuminating Engineering Society, the International Dark Sky Association and the Intelligent Road and Street Lighting in Europe research paper.

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