Protecting the Dark Sky 2019

We have been quiet for the last few months, but that does not mean that we have given up or backed down on the need to protect our dark sky.

Laura Griffin from the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area has created a video that is worthy of your time. Join The Dark Night Nocturnal Preserve tells the story of How the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area became a Nocturnal Preserve with its many partners and the importance of stopping light pollution.

This year is a pivotal year for making a difference. With a provincial political election slated to happen and a federal election coming up, now is the time for you to get involved and make a difference.

You can make change and protect the dark sky in several ways:

1) Learn how and make the changes in your own back yard to reduce light pollution. Leading by example is the best method of inspiring change.

1) Talk to your friends, neighbors and family (including your children) about the issues of light pollution and protecting the dark sky. Share information and ideas on how everyone is able to reduce the light pollution in the area and take steps to make real change and implement what you can.

2) When political canvassers come to your door, bring up the importance of protecting our dark sky and stopping light pollution. Ask what the party plan is as well as the candidates opinion is and what they are going to do on the topic.

3) Contact the riding offices in your area and express that this topic is one of importance to you. Again ask what the party and candidates plan is and what they are going to do if elected on the subject. If possible, ask for an e-mail transcript of their comments and if elected, hold them to what they said.

The elected body works for you. If it is important to you, make sure that they are doing the work you want to see happen.

4) Get your community and family actively involved. This can be something as simple as gathering some friends to go out one night and look at the stars, the aurora or even a meteor event (maybe with luck you can hit all three).

There are many fantastic solar events taking place in 2019 that you can watch. A little planning and some good luck with clear sky can set you out on an adventure that will be a life time memory.

For places to experience the Dark Sky outside your own area, i have a few suggestions:

Check out the Dark Sky Preserve at the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area. Go for a walk on the many paths and see the natural habitat that requires a stable circadian rhythm for function. See what the light pollution from the city of Calgary looks like first hand and what that threat is.

Another means of involvement is to check out the Rothney Astrophysical Observatory and attend one of their very informative and cool events. See the stars through a telescope, talk to astrophysicists and meet people that have a love and passion for our universe. These events are fantastic for people of all ages and are both fun and educational.

Stay tuned for more events that we are going to put together this year as well! Come be a part of it all and meet others interested in the world around us!

Thank you again for being a part of Protecting The Dark Sky!

We can make change and protect our world together!